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Food is a Basic Right for All

We believe that access to food is a basic human right, and that no one especially not children should go hungry. Thus we wish to help ensure everyone in our community has easy access to the neccessities of life.

Ending Poverty in our Community

Charity starts at home, and that is why we first wish to empower the members of our community to end the problem of poverty. Once the area we call home is in a better position we can then help others in need.


Integrity & Honesty


Respect for All


Leading By Doing

Hard Work

Sunita Gupta
Founder & President

Sunita Gupta is the founding member of Share and Care Canada. She has completed her Masters degree in Economics and Education from Punjab University Chandigarh. She was a teacher with Peel board of Education then later on Joined her husband in his business. She has always come forward to contribute her time and commitment in the community. She believe that life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege,opportunity, and responsibility to give something back to the society.

Shashi Puri

Shashi has been involved with Share and Care from the very inception of the organization. She was working with Elspeth Heyworth Centre For Women for ten years helping the unprivileged and newcomer with their various needs. She has been a board member with other non profit organizations. She has a passion to help the unprivileged to make their life comfortable.

Raksha Sawhney

In past, I worked as a business analyst with Manu life insurance company for many years. Also worked as a teacher in surrounding area for a few years. At present, I am semi retired and have the pleasure to serve the community through "share and care Canada"

Jeeti Reen

She has worked in the Doctor's office for many years and have some experience in social services. She really enjoys her interaction with people and very grateful that she got the opportunity to serve the community through Share and Care Canada.

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