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Asking for Help Can be Hard, But We Make It Easy.

We understand that asking for help in order to put food on your table can be a bit intimidating, hard and stressful. We want to let you know that we are here for you, and that people from all walks of life, situations & lifestyles use the food bank in dire times of their life and there is no need to feel embarrassed or out of place.

Our advisors will discuss your financial and food situations in private, with a respectful and loving manner.

What Will I receive?

You will receive the essential food products; both canned & packaged foods, as well as fresh foods like milk, produce, vegetables, fruits & meat.

Can I choose on what food I get?

We try our very best to provide choice and selection to all our members. Unfortunately not all supplies are available everyday but we do try out best to provide the same things to all of our members.

How often can I come back

Depending on your consultation with our advisors we can have you frequent our food bank as often as once every seven to ten days.

Can I call in prior to coming?

Yes we recommend our members to call in and ask if they have any request or are wondering if we have a certain item available or not. We answer our phones during our office hours.


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